Patient Testimonials

​Jason Brandow DOMP



​​​Monica Arora, IMBA, PMP
Senior Consultant, Ministry of Health

"Jason treated me throughout my entire pregnancy and also post-natal recovery and care. I had a very happy, healthy pregnancy with minimal discomfort thanks to Jason. Throughout the treatments, I found Jason's approach to be professional and holistic. Jason is a very effective, knowledgeable and passionate osteopathic practitioner. I am grateful to know Jason and his magic hands.

Candace Kakowchyk 
RMT Massage Therapist

"Jason is one of the most amazing osteopathic practitioners I have ever met. He has been treating me for just over a year, with incredible results. Jason is an intuitive, artful, philosophical and solid practitioner, with a deep understanding of the body and soul. Make sure to book your appointments well in advance as his time slots will fill up fast!!!"

Rund Abou-Marie
Senior R&D Engineer, Cardiology

"When doctors told me I wouldn't be able to have children because of my low back issue, I was devastated. After seeing Jason for only a few sessions, my back issue was resolved enough so that I could get safely pregnant. Now, 4 years later I not only have one, but 2 beautiful children. Thanks to his treatments, I was also able to reach one of my life goals of completing a half marathon, injury free!

Agnieszka Janiewicz

Process Improvement Manager, Direct Energy

"I heard about Jason in 2008 but did not understand what he did. I decided to find out for myself since I had had mid back pain for months. During my first visit, Jason found during his examination that my main issue was coming from the intestines in front of the area where I was having pain.  Once he fixed that, I ceased to have mid back pain and it's been 7 years! In Feb 2010, during one of my maintenance visits, I told Jason that my husband and I were trying to have a baby since Sept 2009. He checked my reproductive system and it turned out that my cervix and overies were shifted to the left. He centered everything and I got pregnant on the next cycle. My son was born in 2011, and I had a long delivery. The baby had a bowel movement just before being born and inhaled some of the fluid (meconium aspiration). The doctor tried to siphon it out, by my son continued to choke and breathe irregularly. The second night he sounded like he was going to stop breathing. I decided to take him to see Jason: he was 2 days old. Jason worked on him for an hour, and during the treatment, he turned him on his side, started pumping his lungs with his hands, and my son threw up a small amount of yellow liquid/mucus out of each lung. Ever since then, he has been breathing fine and I never worried.  I call him my miracle worker and he is the first I would call when I had any health issue."